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Fantasy Football for Beginner’s Guide

The best way to learn fantasy football is to beginning with a brief overview that seeks to explain is simplest form possible the meaning of fantasy football. Fantasy football best definition is the role you will take up as a manager of a football team and ensuring your team works towards success. Like the other team manager who work with various teams round the world, you will have to select a team that you think will win. This requires not only good football mindset but some form of luck or gambling prowess. In fact most people who are good in fantasy football are not necessarily good in playing the actual game.

Playing Fantasy Football

  • As the manager you are going to determine the player you want in your team. You are required to choose a roster of NFL players that you will include in your team and make us e of the real-life statistics about the players you are selecting.

  • You are then going to compete with other teams that have been selected both others and see who wins. The team is selected when the real football season being and every week and the performance of the players you selected will determine.

  • If your team will be a success or a failure, there are various aspects about selecting fantasy football team that wins but the most important is the focus on the game to get a better understanding of who is a good player.

  • Who can play what role and the real world updates of each of the player. There are many places you can play fantasy football online. The most common site being ESPN, but there are other sites that you can play fantasy football.

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Fantasy Football League Rules

  • 1

    Management during season

    your success in fantasy football will be determined by your management during season. There may be a number of changes you can make in your team but closely following the season can make your team management to be effective since you will know when to change your players.

  • 2

    League Type

    Learning the fantasy football rules is important for success; you should learn the trick of playing and scoring. For successful scoring you have to understand the point per perception league mechanism. In the PPR league you should employ the strategy of running backs from scrimmage to maximize your efforts of scoring. When you are playing in the standard league you should not worry about perception points they are not relevant.

  • 3

    Starting lineup

    for you to be a winner in fantasy football you also need to understand the position requirements that make up a good starting lineup. Although during the league you can improve the players it is always wise to start with the right lineup.

Fantasy Football League Size

Fantasy football leagues are arranged in different sizes and but you can play with 4 teams and up to 30 teams.
  • You should understand that the fewer the team manager the more superstar are in the roster. One of the most common arrangements that will guarantee you success is a league size of 12, 15 or 18.

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  • You can always start with a lower number of players then you improve as the league progresses. When you get experienced with playing fantasy football you can be starting with more players of up to 30 players.

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Fantasy Football League Website Reviews

Each website is ranked according to aspects that are particular to that service, as follows:
Fantasy Football Game Reviews Fanduel Fanwars
  Price /Team Prize Money Price /Team Prize Money
Fantasy League Classic $20, $15, $10 $100,000 $25, $20, $15 $10.000
Fantasy League Auction $20 $0 $25 $0
Fantasy League Pro $38, $32, $26 $0 $40, $34, $28 $0
Fantasy League Weekender Free $0 Free $0
You The Manager $5** $275,000 $15** $27,000
The Sun Dream Team $5** $1,000,000 $15** $1,00,000
Telegraph Fantasy Football $6 $1.1 Million $10 $1 Million
Telegraph Squad Game $10 $20,000 $12 $10,000
Mail Online Fantasy League “Free” Free $50,000 Free $40,000
Mail Online Fantasy League “Paid” $10/$15/$20 $100,000 $12/$17/$22 $80,000
Fantasy Premier League Free $0 Free $0
Times Fantasy Football $3 $100,000 $6 $80,000
Yahoo Fantasy Football Free 11 Free 10
Metro Premier Fantasy Football Free $45,000 Free $40,000
Channel 4 Fantasy Football Free $0 Free $0
Can You Kick It Free $50,000 Free $40,000
The Guardian Fantasy Football Free $50,000 Free $40,000
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